Child Protection

At St Joseph’s Primary School, Wingham we are committed to ensuring we provide a safe environment for students. To assist us with this task we are required to meet the statutory obligations of the legislation relating to child protection and the policies and guidelines set out by the Catholic Schools Office. This legislation requires that all staff employed at St Joseph’s Primary School, Wingham report to the Department of Community Services any child suspected of being at risk of harm.

The Ombudsman Amendment (Child Protection and Community Services) Act and the Guidelines for the Implementation of the Ombudsman Act, require any allegation of child abuse made against a member of staff at St Joseph’s Primary School, Wingham, be reported to the Ombudsman’s Office and investigated by the Diocesan Child Protection Unit

The Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act requires all employers to confirm that all employees, both paid and unpaid, are not prohibited persons. Therefore, all volunteers at St Joseph’s Primary School, Wingham MUST complete a Declaration form outlining their status under this legislation and complete a 100-point check form before they can commence activity at the school.