Our Staff

Our school is led by a teaching staff who continue to maintain a deep commitment to professional development and personal learning. We have a comprehensive pastoral care agenda, including the provision of a pastoral care worker who is available to assist and support pupils, families and staff through the Seasons for Growth program. We seek to provide a high quality education in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment.


Principal (& Teacher)

Mrs Emma Timmins

Assistant Principal - Acting

Mr Adam Buchtmann

Religious Education Co-Ordinator - Acting

Mr Michael Wickham 

Clerical Assistant

Mrs Mary Stepowikow


Teaching Staff 2018

Mrs Grace Fraser

Mrs Carolyn Long

Miss Lisa Schmitzer

Mr Adam Buchtmann 

Mrs Christie Downie

Mr Michael Wickham 

Mr Mark Knoke

Mrs Shane Cleaver

Mrs Kate Monkley (Teacher Librarian)

Mrs Rachael Moore ( Learning Support)


General Assistants

Mrs Carol Saul

Mrs Roslyn Yerbury

Mrs Jane Murray 

Mrs Janet Blanch 

Mr Thomas Seaniger

Miss Natasha Sheather

Library Assistant

Mrs Mary Stepowikow


Pastoral Care Worker

Mrs Jo McEwen


Parish Priest

Fr George Anthicadu