Starting School

Children may enter Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year in Catholic schools if they turn 5 on or before 31st May in that year. Others may benefit from being a little older, but by law, all children must start school by their sixth birthday.

Starting school is an important step in a young child’s life. “But is my child ready for school?” is a question asked by many parents. Children develop at different rates and learn skills in different ways. It is the school’s task to respond to the needs, learning styles and rates of progress of individual students.

Specialist advice and support is available to parents of children with disabilities in accessing appropriate educational services. Talk to our school’s Learning Support Teacher (LST) as early as possible about access to these services.

We all have an important part to play in encouraging children starting school to develop a love of learning. During their time at school children will develop skills in listening and speaking, reading and writing, numeracy and other mathematical skills, problem solving, scientific and technological skills, and learning how to use computers. 

Religious education is an integral part of the curriculum in Catholic schools. Children in Kindergarten are focused on themselves and the immediate world at hand. The focus of the Religious Education program at this level is on the child, made by a loving and caring God who gives them many gifts, especially the gift of Creation.

Access our helpful guide to what your child will need to start school from our Download Centre.