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26 February 2018

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Principal’s Report

Wow, what a busy start we have had to the year at St Joey’s! Last week our swimmers who attended the Regional carnival were champions of spirit and heart as they represented our school with pride and passion. Well done! A big congratulations goes to Claire Downie and Josh Wicks for making it into the Manning Region squad to next compete at DIO Swimming on 6 March.

Last week I also had the privilege of attending and sharing with 2 staff members, Mary Stepowikow and Lisa Schmitzer, their celebrations as they received Monsignor Coolahan Awards for School Support and First Five Years of Teaching, at the Called to Serve Mass in Newcastle. We are so very proud that they received these awards but more significantly, that they are part of our school community. Congratulations Lisa and Mary as you both continue to shine!

Last week we also celebrated the beginning of Lent with Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Your children have been talking about what this means and how they can participate in their own way. Lent is a time to pray and fast for 40 days leading into Easter and the message of Lent signifies that we shouldn’t take for granted what we have. I encourage you to discuss with your child/ren what you are grateful for and how, as a family, you may be able to participate in the Lenten season.

In light of some recent events there has been many discussions around ‘extreme hairstyles’ at St Joey’s Wingham. In accordance with our UNIFORM POLICY, 2014 it states “hair is to be neat and well groomed. Extreme hair styles are not acceptable (ie. rat’s tails or shaved lines in hair). Long hair must be secured back from the face for safety and hygiene. Navy hair bands or ribbons only.” In 2018, the questions is: What is an extreme hairstyle? This is the conversation that staff are having right now but we also need the voice of the parents to help determine for our school, what is an acceptable hairstyle? Obviously consultation can take time and decisions need to be well balanced to suit the needs of our school, so I am inviting parents to attend the next P&F meeting to contribute ideas and suggestions to answer the above question: What is an acceptable hairstyle for St Joseph’s Wingham? This will then help us update our policy to reflect our needs in relation to the ‘Uniform Policy’.

In the meantime parents I am asking that common sense prevails before you take your child for a haircut, to reflect upon the policy and if you are not sure please do not hesitate to call and ask. Our vision for our school and how we present ourselves needs to be a united one, that reflects our values and who we are as community members. The next P&F meeting is on Monday 19 March, 2018 @6pm.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

God Bless!
Emma Timmins

Regional Swimming Carnival

Our school’s representative swimming squad travelled to Gloucester Swim Centre last Tuesday to compete in the Manning Catholic Schools regional carnival. Thank you Mr Buchtmann for your fine coordination which ensured a great carnival. Thank you Mrs Timmins and Mrs McEwen for transporting students. We are very excited by the news that Joshua Wicks & Claire Downie were chosen to compete for the Manning region at the Diocesan Swimming Carnival to be held on Tuesday 6 March at Lambton Pool in Newcastle.

Regional Swimming Carnival
Regional Swimming Carnival
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Shrove Tuesday

The students celebrated Shrove Tuesday with home-made pancakes with delicious options for toppings. The kids loved the pancakes and we are very grateful to those parents who were able to help cook and serve pancakes. Many thanks to Narelle Barry, Helen Housen, Glen Harris and Jo McEwen for making this such a special event for the children this year.

Ash Wednesday Photos

School News

Introducing Rachael Moore – Learning Support Teacher

We welcome Mr Rachael Moore to the role of Learning Support Teacher. Rachael will be at St Joseph’s every Monday – Wednesday and we are delighted to have the benefit of her years of teaching experience. Rachael will work with teachers and parents to support the learning needs of all students in the school. As part of her role she will coordinate assessments, liaise with outside agencies and organise funding applications.

PBS Awards

As part of our PBS system, we acknowledge that the following students - Indianna Macmillan, Harry Macmillan and Lara Prior have reached 100 Gotchas and Nicholas Blanco, Jhye Higgins, Kai Davidson and Drew Cini have reached 200 Gotchas. Well done!

Year 2 Happenings

As you can see from these pictures the Year 2 classroom has had a bit of a makeover in the school holidays with a new coat of paint. This has made for a bright and fun beginning to the start of 2018 in Year 2!

Last Friday saw our school begin our athletics program for sport for the next five weeks. These photos show all the children enjoying the fun and energetic program with Vicki – especially students in Year 2.

In Creative Arts year 2 are currently looking at the work of the artist Wassily Kandinsky and his creations using circles. In Year 2 we are currently working to create our own masterpieces using coloured circles as the feature – stay tuned to see how these turn out.

P&F News

Congratulations to the incoming Parents and Friends Association executive who were voted in last week. We pray for our parent body as they work towards building up this community and supporting their school.


Elise Prosser

Vice President:

Ann McDermott


Eleisha Smith


Heidi Lyon

Fundraising Co-ordinator:

Anna Macmillan

Project Compassion


School Fee Statements

All Fee Statements have been emailed to you this week. Please also note that there is an amount of $50.00 (payable per term) on your statement - this is a voluntary contribution towards Diocesan Pastoral Contribution. Please indicate your preference via email.


Catholic schools in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle offer a further reduction off Tuition fees for ‘means tested’ low income Health Care / Pension holders. This rate provides a discount for each child of 50% off the Diocesan Tuition Fee full rate. In order to receive this additional discount, you must provide a current copy of your Health Care Card to the office. Once received, your school fees account will be adjusted to reflect the concession.


If you are faced with genuine hardship, please make an appointment with Mrs Timmins and you will be offered a payment plan and an appropriate concession on school fees.


Would you please make an appointment to meet with Mrs Timmins to discuss this matter.

Important Events



Week 5 - 28 Feb

Regional Winter Trials at Taree

Week 6 – 5-9 Mar

6 Mar

8 Mar

9 Mar

Catholic Schools Week

Dio Swimming Carnival at New Lambton

School Picnic, Cake Stall & Open Classrooms

Gifted Art Day at St Clare’s

Week 7 – 16 Mar

Regional Touch Trials at Taree

Week 8 – 19 Mar

21 Mar

Feast of St Joseph

Harmony Day


Just a reminder that our school canteen is open on Mondays and Fridays of each week





Week 5
26 FEB & 2 MAR






5 MAR & 9 MAR






Happy Birthday Wishes!

Daniel Sutherland turns 5; Jazmine Pattison turns 11 and Yarramundi Hollis turns 10.

Community News

Office365 - All students and teachers in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle can download and install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for free on up to five personal devices. Please refer to the attached document for further information and instructions for downloading and installing. It should be noted that a new version of Windows - Windows 10s has been introduced to some devices designed for use in the classroom. However, this new operating system is designed to 'lock down' or restrict the installation of software on student devices. Only apps from the Microsoft Store can be installed on any device that is running Windows 10s. This will mean that Office2016 cannot be downloaded. At the moment, we are looking at options, but for now, students can access their Class Notebooks via a web browser. Devices installed with Windows 10 are not affected.

Wingham Junior Rugby League Club

Football Mid North Coast

Wingham Netball Club

WINGHAM NETBALL CLUB are still seeking players for all ages but in particular 8 to 11 year olds. Registrations are required by Friday 2nd March before the first grading meeting. Active Kids Vouchers accepted. For all enquiries please contact Jenny Polley 0403 528 735

Registrar, Wingham Netball Club

YMCA – Manning Aquatic Centre

Wingham Hockey Club