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23 March 2018

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Principal’s Report

Welcome to Week 8! I can’t believe how fast this term has gone so far. Students and staff have been engaged in a vast array of learning tasks, activities and opportunities. We had a group of students attend the Gifted Arts Day at St Clare’s where workshops in the areas of Singing, Visual Arts, Drama and Instrumental Music were provided. At the end of the day students put on a performance showcasing the skills that they had been working on during the day. This was a wonderful experience for our students.

Last week students participated in our St Patrick’s Day celebrations by dressing in green to support Project Compassion and raised approximately $260. Well done everyone on this amazing effort! One of our school goals this year is to support students in their choices on the playground or in the classroom when faced with challenges. In response to this we have implemented the TWISTS strategy into our school practice and provided a sign to remind students when on the playground. Some of our Year 6 students have put together a summary of what this means, for you to view and talk to your child/ren about at home. Students also signed a ‘Bullying No Way’ poster last week on National Anti-Bullying Day to show their support and understanding about what we want for our school community. We are very proud of the response and enthusiasm shown by all students in response to this poster. We aim to keep this conversation continuing at school and it would be wonderful if, at home, this can be discussed as well.

As we rapidly approach Easter, students have been learning about what this means and preparing to show you, through their Holy Week Liturgy, which will be on 29 March @10.30am. Following this students will make their Easter Bonnets to showcase at the parade later that afternoon at 2.40pm. We hope that you can join us to celebrate!

A small committee is being formed to review our school canteen and if you would like to be involved you are most welcome. Please contact the office for more details. Events coming soon: Parent/Teacher interviews, 3&4 April; School Cross Country, 10 April; and Pupil free day, 13 April.

God bless and have a fabulous weekend!

God Bless!
Emma Timmins

School News

Positive Behaviour System

What is PBS?

Joey’s Wingham is committed to creating a positive environment where all students are able to learn. We are using the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) system because it involves a range of positive behaviour supports for all students within the school, implemented in both classroom and non-classroom settings.

Introducing, modelling and reinforcing positive social behaviour is an important part of a student’s educational experience. Teaching behavioural expectations and rewarding students for following them is both proactive and positive.

Each week, as part of the program, the classroom teachers will teach students expected behaviours. The same behaviours are taught across the school to help maintain uniformity and to ensure that all behaviours are taught throughout the year. The weekly focus area is published in the school newsletter so that parents can discuss it with their child and reinforce these strategies.

Our school has 3 core behavioural expectations that reflect our community’s values. We call them “The 3 Wise I’s”

I am Safe - I am Respectful - I am a Learner

Gotchas: As part of the PBS Program, “Gotchas” are given to students for positive social behaviours in the classroom, playground and for individual acts of great respect. These behaviours relate to our school-wide expectations of being safe, respectful learners. Each Gotcha, which students collect, equals a point. These points are collated each week in the classroom and students can redeem these points for rewards. These rewards can be redeemed each Thursday on Reward Day.

Referral Forms:

In the instance of a student failing to meet the set expectations of being safe, respectful learners, the incident is recorded on a “Yellow Form”. This is an in-school referral system that assists us with tracking and monitorning student behaviour. We also use this data to inform our future focus areas at the beginning of each term.

If a student has three incidents referred via “Yellow Forms” in the space of a term, or is involved in a moderate or major incident, parents will be notified via a blue parent form. This process allows for opportunities to discuss with the student the expectations and to reinforce positive behaviour, whilst monitoring and recording any problem behaviour.

Holy Week Liturgy

On Thursday 29th March 2018 our school will be celebrating Holy Week with a school liturgy beginning at 10:30am. The students will be dramatising the story of Easter in their class groups. After lunch, students will be making Easter Hats in class and they are encouraged to bring items from home that may be useful for the activity. For example- an old sunhat to decorate, cardboard, stickers, ribbon, flowers etc. Students will display their hats in our annual Easter Hat Parade at 2:40pm. We look forward to seeing all our school community join with us for this very important day in the life of our school.

Mr. Wickham
Acting Religious Education Coordinator


One of our school goals this year is to improve students spelling practices to assist with writing and reading. We have begun this journey through professional development led by Dr Tessa Daffern, University of Canberra; in school learning opportunities led by Carolyn Long, SAP teacher; review of our language used in classrooms; and the purchasing of resources within classes to support spelling. You may have heard your child/ren coming home talking about ‘phonemes’ or ‘graphemes’ and wondered what they were……? Well, this is the language that we are using to talk about sounds and spelling choices that students make in their writing and one of the approaches that we are taking is using THRASS charts in the classroom to support the correct ‘spelling choice’ to match sounds in words. One way that we believe parents can help us at home to support spelling is by purchasing the iTHRASS app from iTunes. This APP shows the chart that we use but in an interactive format for students to hear sounds and see spelling choices. Attached below is a short YouTube clip that demonstrates its capabilities and how to use at home. We will also be purchasing for school iPads. If you would like to learn more about what we are doing please feel free to ask your child’s teacher.

School Cross Country – Save the Date!

The Cross Country will be held in Week 11 on Tuesday 10th April at Central Park. As in previous years we rely on the assistance of parents to act as official timekeepers. If you can assist, please let Mr Knoke know.

PBS Awards

As part of our PBS system, we acknowledge that the following students – Leyna Sheather, Riley Hill and Hunter Barbour have reached 200 Gotchas. Well done!

Year 6 Happenings

It has been another busy and exciting start to the new year. The Yr 6 students were very excited to welcome their Kinder buddies to big school. They had spent time together during the Early Bird Program last year and were ready to help the Kinders to settle into school and enjoy all of the great things at St Joey’s.

The beginning of year Mass is a very special time for our whole school, but it is particularly special for our Yr 6 students as they are inducted as school leaders. The students are looking forward to taking on all of the responsibilities that go with being a school leader as well as being a positive role model for the rest of the school.

Organising and running the weekly health hustle activities and dance is another important job the Yr 6 students undertake. The new Yr 6 shirts look great on a Friday.

Some of the students helped with the cake stall at the Catholic School Week celebrations. The students will have many opportunities to help throughout the year. Others enjoyed time with family.

In the class, things have been just as busy. A safe and positive environment enhances all learning.

The Athletics program has been very successful this term. The students are learning new skills as well as having a lot of fun.

P&F News

The P&F are holding an Easter Raffle. Tickets are $2:00 each. Raffle will be drawn at the Holy Week Liturgy on Thursday 29th March at 10:30am.
Please return money and tickets to the office by 28th March.

Parent News

St Clare’s High School 2019 enrolments

Enrolment forms are to be returned to the office by Monday 26th March.

School Fees

All Fee Statements have been emailed to you. If you have not received your statement, please see Mary in the office and she will issue you a copy. Term 1 Fees are due and payable by Friday 6th April.


Catholic schools in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle offer a further reduction off Tuition fees for ‘means tested’ low income Health Care / Pension holders. This rate provides a discount for each child of 50% off the Diocesan Tuition Fee full rate. In order to receive this additional discount, you must provide a current copy of your Health Care Card to the office. Once received, your school fees account will be adjusted to reflect the concession.

Important Events



Week 9 – 29 Mar

Holy Week Liturgy

Week 10– 3-4 April

Parent Teacher Interviews

Week 11 - 12 April / 13 April

School Cross Country – Central Park

Term 2

Week 1 – 30 April

School returns/winter uniform changeover

Week 2 – 8 May / 11 May

Dio Cross Country
Mother’s Day Liturgy

Week 3 – 15,16 & 17 May

NAPLAN – Yrs 3 & 5






Week 9
26 MAR






Happy Birthday Wishes!

Nicholas Blanco, Winmalee Hollis and Indianna Macmillan turn 9.

Community News

Good news about your diocesan magazine AURORA

From April, your diocesan magazine Aurora will appear in The Newcastle Herald on the first Saturday of the month. This will increase circulation and allow Aurora to be part of people’s weekends (at least once a month)!

Insertion in other newspapers remains unchanged, hence Aurora will be in The Maitland Mercury, The Singleton Argus, The Manning River Times and The Scone Advocate on the Wednesday after the first Saturday and in The Muswellbrook Chronicle on the following Thursday. The magazine can also be read online in the link below - your source for local Catholic news in the Hunter. Subscriptions are available in the link below.