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29 June 2018

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

We are rapidly approaching the end of Term 2 and I am sure you are all looking forward to the school holidays! Staff have been busily preparing school reports which will be going out next week. Excitedly, in the future parents will have access to our new Parent Portal through COMPASS to access reports from Semester 2. COMPASS is our new student management system that will be supporting communication between school and home. You will receive a letter outlining its’ capabilities in more detail, along with a personalised User Name and Password in preparation for access in Term 3 and beyond. It is important to NOTE that to access COMPASS for the first time it is recommended to do so via a computer and not mobile devices, however once you have logged in, then you can download the COMPASS APP to mobile devices and use as your main entry point. If you don’t have a computer at home please let us know and we can arrange for access to a computer at school. Please also be aware that from Term 3 the SCHOOLSTREAM APP will be phased out and access for absences, news notifications etc. will be via the COMPASS APP.

As you are all aware we have been working really hard on our school uniforms and thank you for all of your support! Part of this process was to review our policy, which we have done and updates have been included in recent newsletters. An important part of this policy revolves around ‘hairstyles’. Our policy states the following:

  • Hair is to be neat and well groomed.
  • No brightly coloured hair dye, that is in contrast to the students natural hair colour, shall be used
  • Any parts of the head shaved shall be at a ‘number 2’ barber’s comb or above
  • A small, exaggerated part-line within the hair is acceptable but no other lines or markings within the hair
  • Students with long hair (i.e. hair determined to be long enough to be pulled back into a pony tail or such) must have hair of a consistent length all the way around the head.
  • Students with long hair (as determined above) must have hair secured back from the face for safety and hygiene reasons
  • School coloured (Navy, gold and / or white) hair bands or ribbons should only be used
  • No other forms of ‘extreme’ hairstyles (as determined by the school executive) are acceptable

As part of our approach students have been shown this policy and have had discussions around what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in relation to hairstyles so that we have a uniformed approach across the school. We are asking that you, as parents, please take note of this policy and if you’re not sure about if your child’s hairstyle is acceptable according to this policy, please ask. It is expected that all students’ hairstyles meet our school policy by the beginning of Term 3 and we really appreciate your support in this matter to ensure that we continually promote a positive image of our school in the wider community through our uniform and overall presentation.

Due to changes in policy, the NSW government has devised a new strategy for ‘Healthy Canteens’ of which we are accountable to action and implement into our school canteen. This information was presented to the P&F and a committee was formed to review our canteen. All parents were welcome to attend and if they couldn’t, another mode for feedback was via the Survey Monkey that came home via email. Thank you to those parents who contributed! From this feedback, our committee has created a new menu for review to implement in the future. If you would like to be a part of this menu review please attend our next P&F meeting, Monday 2 July @5.30pm. We are striving to have healthier options available for the golden oldies and possibly some new menu items to tantalise tastebuds.

Due to changes in our society, sporting, community and school organisations are having to implement ‘Code of Conduct’ documentation to ensure that they remain safe and supportive environments for their stakeholders. Within the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese we are no different and have taken steps to introduce this through our new enrolment package, known as the ‘School Community Code of Conduct’. This document is attached for your perusal as it is a requirement that all present and future parents of St Joseph’s Wingham read and agree to uphold this code whilst their child/ren is attending our school. As employees of the Diocese, we too have to sign and uphold a professional code of conduct when interacting with students, parents and community members to ensure the safety and well-being of all. Essentially the aim of this code of conduct is to remind us that our goal is to interact with each other in a safe and respectful manner as members of our school community. Therefore, I will be sending home throughout Term 3 the required documents for you to sign for the beginning of the 2019 school year. This is a mandatory request from the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese. If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to ask.

Another change directed from the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese, that correspondence was sent home last week about, was regarding when you child is absent from school. We now require that any time your child or children are absent from school that contact with school (via phone call or email) be made on the morning of the absence, before the start of school, to explain their absence. Class rolls are marked within the first 10 minutes of the school day and if your child is absent and we have not received notification of this absence then we are required to call you to ensure your child’s whereabouts. Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated and saves Mary a lot of time in having to call parents to ensure your child’s safety. This new procedure is in response to a terrible incident in Newcastle recently, where a child who walked to school alone, was thought to be at school but did not arrive at school and the parents were unaware of where the child was. As I’m sure you can appreciate, we all hold the safety of our kids as paramount and this is another way we can continue to uphold this.

God Bless
Emma Timmins

School News

Regional Athletics Carnival

Last Friday, I was proud to accompany our athletics squad to the Regional Athletics Carnival held in Tuncurry. We had many outstanding results including having 3 students qualify for the Diocesan Carnival to be held in August next term. Congratulations to Jackson Barry (Snr 800m) Kyle Heinemann (11yrs Long Jump) and Claire Downie (11yrs Long Jump) on their selection.

We must also mention Alex Letheren who came 3rd in Senior Boys 800m and Claire Downie 3rd in 11yr old girls 800m.

PBS Awards

As part of our PBS system we acknowledge that the following students, Maharlia Minns, Lisa Fresen, Penny Van Vliet. Reuby Sheather and Jess Fresen have reached 100 Gotchas and Charlie Pereira has reached 300 Gotchas. Well Done!

It’s been a busy term in the Year 6 classroom……

Creative Arts lessons have been loud and physical, lots of fun and needing teamwork. The students have been exploring the world of body percussion. They have experimented with the sounds they can create using their bodies and using these sounds to tell the stories of refugees. From the terrors of war, to terrifying boat trips, to the thrill of arriving in a new country full of hope, the students have done a wonderful job recreating these experiences.

The students used rocks to create artworks. We looked at the book ‘Stepping Stones’ with artwork by Nizar Ali Badr and they used these artworks as an inspiration. The plight of the refugees was portrayed poignantly using this medium.

Our School Athletics Carnival was a great day for the students to show their talents on the field. It was also a wonderful opportunity to show their leadership skills as they helped to organise their teams.

The Rotary Science and Engineering Challenge day at Taree Racecourse was an exciting day. Students from many different schools were there and everyone got to challenge their problem solving skills.

There is always so much happening in the classroom. The students enjoy stimulating days full of learning.

Library News

Heads Up!

Term 3, Week 5 is Book Week.

The week where we celebrate the best of Australian books, authors and illustrators!

As usual on Wednesday 22nd August, we will have our Dance-a-Thon and book character parade.

As families are so busy, holidays may be a great time to organise costumes.

Happy Holidays

Kate Monkley – Teacher Librarian

Parent News


Please note that in Term 3, there will be 2 x Pupil Free Days;

Week 4 – Friday 17th August
Week 7 – Friday 7th September

New Late arrival/Early Departure/Appointment procedure

With our new management system, COMPASS, we are required to enter late arrivals, early departures and appointments on-line and this will be entered by Mary in the office.

However, if the office is unattended, parents are required to fill in the Late Arrival/Early Departure/Appointment slips to hand to class teachers.

Important Events



Term 2

Week 10 - 5 July
6 July

NAIDOC Prayer/Wandanna visit

Term 2 ends

Term 3

Week 1 - 23 July

Term 3 begins

Week 3 – 8 Aug

DIO Athletics Carnival

Feast of St Mary Mackillop

Week 4 – 16 Aug
17 Aug

Cybersafety Talk – Dave Russell


Week 5 - 20 Aug – 24 Aug
20 & 21 Aug
22 Aug

BOOK WEEK – “Find your Treasure” theme

Teeth on Wheels – Dental visit


P&F News

Don’t forget to lodge your Favourite Family Recipe/s on line at the link below or complete the attached recipe card form and return to office asap. Funds from the sale of this cookbook will go towards a shade sail near the school hall. So, we really hope you will consider supporting this cookbook. See attached flyer with all the information.

Save the Date – School Fete - Saturday 24th November

Canteen News

New Canteen Menu Coming Soon!

A new canteen menu will be launched in Term 3 offering a new, improved menu with heaps of delicious options for hungry kids.

The menu will be reviewed by the P&F at their meeting on Monday 2nd July at 5:30pm.








Happy Birthday Wishes!

Lincoln Mostran turns 6; Emilia Wallace and Destiny Mastop turn 8; Maria Fresen and Georgia Hartley turn 9; Sam Harris turns 10; Rory Byrne and Amara Hilton turn 11 and Nicholas McCarey turns 12.

Community News

FREE TRAINING - Inclusion of children with disability (including autism spectrum disorders)

MidCoast Libraries July School Holiday Program

Bring the kids down to their local library and enjoy a range of fun and exciting activities including movie screenings, cooking workshops, bingo, Lego club, virtual reality, upcycling & recycling workshops and much more! Bookings required for activities. Download a full program from the link below or grab a copy from your library.

Samaritans School Holiday Groups

Active Oosh Holiday Program

July Holiday Soccer Clinic