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19 October 2018

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Principal’s Report

Welcome back to school! I know I say this every time, but I am so shocked at how quickly this year has gone by and we now only have 9 weeks left of the school year. Term 4 is always fast paced with lots of events happening, so please ensure you have a parent term calendar to keep you informed. If not, please email Mary.

Over the holidays we advertised for 4 positions for 2019; (1) Learning Support Teacher (Mrs Moore resigned late last term); (2) part time teacher for RFF (2 days per week); (3) 2 x full time, temporary teacher positions. We are currently shortlisting these positions and will begin interviewing in the next couple of weeks. Class teachers have not been allocated as of yet, but I will keep you updated once decisions have been finalised.

Towards the end of each year, my role is to work with CSO accountants to budget for the upcoming year, so that students can continually experience new resources, teachers can attend professional development and the school can be maintained to a high standard. Consequently, an important aspect of this is ‘school fees’ as they help us to ensure the day to day running of our wonderful school. I know that each family has their own financial situation and as a Catholic School our aim/ethos is to support families in whatever circumstances, of which I believe we do very well. The Health Card Concession is also available and accessible for families to use as well. Our billing cycle has completed for the year and if you have outstanding fees it is imperative that these fees are finalised before the end of term, unless you have an agreement with the school. If you are finding it difficult, at present, to meet your obligation then please come and have a chat with me. We are here to help! Statements will be sent out this week via email.

We were once again lucky to secure a Sporting Schools Grant and this term students will be receiving coaching in GOLF. All lessons will be occurring in Central Park and at the end of the program, students in Year 3-6 will be visiting Taree Golf Club to actually put their skills into practice.

Gifted education is a focus of ours, here at St Joey’s and this term we have a couple of opportunities for students in the area of Maths and Creative Writing. 5 students have been nominated to participate in a Manning school trial by using an expert teacher and video conferencing (overseen by Ms Monkley); and 4 students have been nominated to attended a Creative Writing day in Newcastle with Mr Knoke. Ms Monkley has also been working with high performing students to map out programs and opportunities for 2019. This will remain a priority for us in the future.

This term our new canteen menu begins which allows us to be registered as a Healthy Schools Canteen. Thank you to Mary and Ann McDermott for their support in preparing our school.

On the 31st October we will be welcoming our new Kinders for 2019 as they begin their Early Birds Program. Our Year 5 students are so excited about being leaders and having buddies to support next year.

As you know, staff have been discussing with students about how we can be better stewards of the environment by making small changes at a home and school level. From this our Eco Club has encouraged students to make a big effort in ensuring that they turn off taps after use to conserve water and our Year 6 students want to encourage students to try NUDE FOOD. Nude food? Well the concept of Nude Food is food without excess packaging. This reduces the amount of 'stuff' that needs to go in bins to be sent to landfill. Durable, reusable containers are a great way to bring food, as they may last from pre-school through to high school and beyond, providing long term cost savings and environmental benefits. Did you know that in South Australia families spend $3.5 million each year on packaged lunch box items! Staggering isn’t it? So what can we do…… Year 6 students are asking that on the 1st November we host a ‘Nude Food Thursday’ to help reduce the amount of rubbish in our school and in the long term, help our environment. As parents we know that ease is important but we are encouraging you all to make this date a priority of change for our school, so please mark it on your calendars. Year 6 will be visiting classes to spread the word and help educate students about what NUDE Food means and how they can help make Nude Food Thursday a success. For tips on how to pack your child’s lunch for this day please visit the link below where you will find recipe ideas, activities to do at home and lots of other useful tips to help prepare. Thank you for supporting our school and students to continually look after our environment!

NAPLAN testing can be a contentious issue for schools and families but for us here at St Joey’s we see it as an opportunity to use ‘a moment in time’ data to review how our students are performing in Literacy and Numeracy and then to decide how we respond. As you know since 2014 we have been changing our culture and practices in relation to numeracy with the implementation of Flexible Learning Groups and regular teacher collaboration. To quote a familiar ad ‘change doesn’t happen overnight, but it happens!’ and our results have shown that with hard work, dedication and consistency, results can improve. We are so proud to share our results with you all that in Numeracy, for both Year 3 & 5, we are ABOVE state averages. Our results are the green/blue line and as you can see in 2014 we needed to improve our practices and that is what we have done, which has resulted in more confident and capable students.


For the last couple of years, we have also begun our journey to improve literacy, beginning with reading. With the support of Mrs Long, SAP leading teacher, our staff have modified and improved practices with the classroom to support student development. We have also been blessed to have parent volunteers assisting with extra reading practice as well. Therefore, you will see that in both Year 3 & 5, reading we are once again ABOVE state average.




As an educator, I am so thankful for the staff that I work with each and every day, as they all go above and beyond for your students and their academic, social and personal growth. I’m sure there are days that you may question what we do and why, but the answer is simple……. We do what we do to ensure that your child/ren receive a quality education. Let’s continue to work together to achieve this! Our focus moving forward will remain on writing and spelling into 2019.

The following information is about the upcoming Plenary Council and how you can participate.

Bishops of Australia to hold a Plenary Council for the Church of Australia. This is an important and significant moment for our church and our diocese. The Plenary Council provides us with an opportunity to listen to God and each other, to share our stories, to respect and hold our difference, and to be transformed and expanded by what we hear. The agenda for the Plenary Council will be created through our listening and dialogue in response to the question:

What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?

There hasn’t been a Plenary Council since the early 1900’s so this is significant for us all in this time. Do you have to be Catholic to have your say? No, this council is for anyone to have input so that all voices are being heard. To learn more about the Plenary Council you can go this following link:

There will be opportunities to participate in group responses over the next 6 months or alternatively you can go to the link below and submit your own responses.

In response to the Pope’s encyclical letter on ecology and climate called ‘Laudato Si’ as per last newsletter, our Eco Club has responded by putting up posters around the school to encourage students, staff, parents and visitors to make better choices for our environment. Check them out!

God Bless
Emma Timmins

School News

JAFA Awards

Bravery Award - Georgia Hartley (donkey) Yr 3
Adjudicator’s Choice – Claire Downie (Witch) Yr 5
Encouragement Award – Lewis Downie Yr 2
Best Narrators – Drew Cini and Nicholas McCarey – Yr 6
Choreography Award – Year 4 Ensemble Work – Year 5
Best Costumes – Kinder
Best Scenery – Year 1
Best Lead Female Actor - Charlotte Barry
Best Lead Male Actor –Logan Green
Best Supporting Female Actor – Celeste McDermott
Best Supporting Male Actor – Kai Davidson

You still have time to purchase a DVD for $20.00 or class photo for $2.00. Please note that close off date for these orders is next Friday 26th October.


We wish to welcome Harry Gibbins and Arabella Roohan and their families to our school community. Harry is in Kindergarten and Arabella is in Year 4.

Library News

Newsletter Term 4 – Library

At St Joseph’s our library is the heart of the school community where everyone in the school belongs, communicates and crosses paths. Our core mission is to promote a love of reading and learning, which underpins all the decisions concerning collection development and events. Term 4 we have hit the ground running and classes are working through the research process, learning about the world as part of the Geography curriculum.

I have introduced Word of the Week for students to find in our big dictionary; this week’s word is cacophony! I have challenged students to locate the meaning of the word and then use it in their writing during the week!

Just a reminder that students also visit the library each week on a Thursday with their classroom teacher for library borrowing. We require students from Kindergarten to Year 2 to bring a library bag, which encourages them to look after the books. All students learn responsibility for selecting, borrowing, reading and returning their books.

Happy Reading
Kate Monkley

New Babies!

Congratulations to Ben and Samantha Wilmen on the safe arrival of their twin boys Liam and Fletcher. New brothers for Bailey in Year 4!

PBS Awards

As part of our PBS system we acknowledge that the following students, Natye Foley, Mia Lucas and Kyle Heinemann have reached 100 Gotchas, Evie O’Neill has reached 200 Gotchas and Luciana Hartley and Dakota Thorburn have reached 300 Gotchas. Well Done!

Parent News

Intensive Swimming – Year 2

A note was sent home last term regarding this year’s Intensive Swimming Program. Please return your permission slips to the office so that we can confirm date and numbers to Wingham Swimming Pool.

School Camp 2018 – Yrs 3-6

Camp Permission Slips are due back by today. If you have not returned your permission slip, please do so ASAP. If your child is not going to attend camp this year, please ring the office to let us know. The Stoney Aqua Park Waiver Form will be sent closer to the date for completion.

Important Events



Week 2

22 Oct

P&F Meeting 6:00pm

26 Oct

World Teacher’s Day

Week 3

31 Oct

Kinder Orientation Day

Week 4

5 Nov

Yr 6 Fundraiser – Popcorn Day

7 Nov

Early Birds Program

School Disco – Yrs 3-6 (6-8pm)

9 Nov

Remembrance Day Prayer

11 Nov

Choir Performing at Remembrance Day Event

Week 5

14 Nov

Early Birds Program

P&F News

Next P&F Meeting is to be held on Monday 22nd October at 6pm. All welcome attend.

Only 6 weeks to go…………………….

School Fete – SUNDAY 25th November

Canteen News

Hunter New England Health presented our school with a “Congratulations” Fruit Box and certificate for achieving a healthy school canteen. Students are looking forward to our new selection of items on offer.






Oct 22

Candy Pattison

Crystal Bliss

Marj & Tony Kemp


Oct 29

Sam Higgins

Candy Pattison

Lucy Robinson

Sam Foley & Candy Pattison

Happy Birthday Wishes!

Logan Gren turns 7; Lewis Downie and Dulki Hollis turn 8; Katelyn Davidson turns 10; Jayden Clarke and Bailey Timmins turn 11 and Sierra Borserio turns 12.