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8 March 2019

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Principal’s Report

Catholic School Week

Dear Parents,

We hope your family has had a great start to the new school year.

This year’s theme for Catholic Schools Week is Belong, Learn, Serve. We kicked off the celebrations on Tuesday with pancakes, Open Classrooms and a school family picnic. My thanks to all the parents, grandparents and carers who joined us to celebrate, not only our wonderful community here at St Josephs, but also the vibrancy of Catholic Education. The children always love your visits. At Joeys, we are always looking for ways to connect with families. Hopefully you found this day a fun way to engage in your child’s learning.

‘Thank you’ to REC, Mick Wickham for his organisation and to Jo McEwen, Janette Lucas, Tina Nattress and Lisa Knowles who cooked those delicious pancakes!

Yesterday our students and staff attended the Ash Wednesday Mass marking the beginning of the Lenten season and, of course, a new unit of learning in Religious Education.

In the spirit of Lent, change and renewal we found this gem from Amanda Gore’s “Wired For Joy” program:

There are 12 habits that remarkably joyful people have;

  • They are grateful for everything.
  • They are reverent and honour others.
  • They are full of hope and optimisim.
  • They have compassion and choose to be kind.
  • They forgive themselves and others.
  • They are generous with their spirit and can receive graciously.
  • They laugh lots – especially at themselves.
  • They listen for the feelings behind the words.
  • They feel good about themselves and can give and receive love.
  • They choose to be cheerfully enthusiastic, no matter what.
  • They are full of energy and vitality.
  • And most importantly – they feel deep inner peace inside.

Let’s make it our goal, as a strong, resilient community to be ‘Wired for Joy’…every day!

Yours sincerely,

Justin Hutchens

Quote of the Week

Think and wonder, wonder and think
Dr Seuss

Making Jesus Real – Value of the week

Week 7 – Be the Hero you are
Week 8 – W.E.S.T (Welcoming/Encouraging/Sorry/Thank you)

School News

Year 4 Parents

This is to give notice that Mr Wickham will be on long service leave from 25 March through to 12 April. Ms Lisa Price will be teaching Year 4 in his absence and ensuring the learning program and all-important class routines remain uninterrupted. We welcome Lisa to the St Joseph’s community and wish Mick a restful break with his family.

Prime Minister Award

‘ Being a steward of creation’, ‘trying your best’, ‘speaking with kindness’ and ‘ being a responsible learner’ are some of the qualities that teachers consider when awarding ‘Prime Minister’ at our weekly assembly. It is an acknowledgement of the student’s efforts and they have the privilege of wearing the badge with honour, of suggesting a focus the school can work on, award gotchas to other students at lunch time as well as earning gotchas for themselves. Congratulations to Cooper Nowlan (Wk 6) and Logan Green (Wk 7).

Year 2 happenings………………………..

In Year 2 we have gotten off to a very busy start to the year, working hard in all areas. On Tuesdays we have Mrs Long as our teacher and she has been working with us on tessellating patterns and visual arts. The photos below are of some of our work.

Remembering Lent

Lent is a forty day period in preparation for Easter. It reminds us of the forty days that Jesus spent in the wilderness before he took up his ministry. During this time he fasted and prayed. Lent is a time of self-denial and prayer for us as well. During this period, we are called to focus on becoming closer to Jesus by praying a little more, doing good deeds for others, going without something we like and giving generously to others in need. Ash Wednesday is a good time for us to think about what we can do to grow closer to Jesus over the lenten period.

School Calendar of events

Week 7

Mon Mar 11

Teeth on Wheels visit

St Clare’s Open Afternoon - 4pm

Thur Mar 14

Gifted Ed: Creative Arts @ St Clare’s

Fri Mar 15

Gifted Ed: Creative Arts @ St Clare’s

Week 8

Mon Mar 18

P & F meet 5:00pm

Tues Mar 19

Feast of St Joseph: out-of-uniform/gold coin donation to Project Compassion

Parents & Friends Association

Our next meeting is on Monday 18 March at 5:00pm.

Everyone knows that a good school is supported by a strong, vibrant, engaged parent body. Please think about joining our P & F so that you can make a real difference to the educational experiences we can provide for our students.

Be involved - be active - support your school!

School Colour Fun Run Friday 12 April 2019

Only 5 more weeks till our school’s Run4Fun Colour Explosion which promises to be a whole-lot-of-fun for kids and parents!

We know that it will be a great way for the P & F to raise funds for to support our school. Your child can register online and fundraise to earn great prizes and incentives. If families have any problems registering please contact Anna Macmillan or Elise Prosser.

The event involves the kids competing an obstacle course and activities that culminate in students running through various colour powder stations.

The P & F will be operating a Slushie machine to tired students as a reward at the end!

Please be aware of safety information and recommendations regarding students coming to school in old clothing. Of course it is all about getting a great photo of your child at the end so wear a white T-shirt to really show-off the effect. We look forward to a fun day of activity and colour to finish the term.

Parent Reflection: Daily lessons in resilience

Recently, I saw a mother give a simple, yet profound resilience lesson to her school-aged child, after he missed a much-anticipated excursion due to poor behaviour at school. Replying to the child’s protests about teacher unfairness and his over-reaction to missing out on a learning opportunity his mum simply replied, “Oh well!” Then she busied herself with other tasks. The child stunned by her reaction, shrugged and headed off to complete his homework.

Adult reactions matter

It’s in our reactions to children’s and young people’s every day mistakes, mess-ups, muck-ups and hurts where the real lessons in resilience lay. The lessons for this child were simple but profound. “Oh well” meant:

  • Stuff happens
  • Don’t look for fault or blame
  • Keep your perspective
  • Pick yourself up and continue with what you were doing

How to react

The resilience lesson for this mother was equally as profound. When a minor mishap with a child or teenager occurs:

Match your response to the incident

  • Stay calm and be positive
  • Don’t look for fault or blame
  • Remember, stuff happens

Resilience lesson for parents – “Oh well”

Every day there are opportunities for parents to give their children lessons in resilience.

A child misses being picked for a team that he had his heart set on joining. “Oh well. Let’s see how you go next time”

When a boy experiences rejection in the playground at school. “Oh well. You’ll find that some people don’t want to be your friend.”

When a teenage girl doesn’t get the mark she thinks she deserves in an assignment. “Oh well. Sometimes we don’t get the marks we think we deserve.”

Match your response to the challenge to promote resilience

There are times when “Oh well” won’t cut it. When a child is bullied he needs your continued support.

When a student’s continuous efforts at improvement are constantly met with criticism then you may need to act on his behalf and meet with a teacher.

When a child always struggles to make the grade and is never picked for a team then you may need to help him make different choices.

These types of situations also present opportunities for daily lessons in resilience, but they require more parental support and teaching.

The resilience lessons learned are deeper and include concepts such as ‘things will eventually go your way,’ ‘there are times when you need to seek help’ and ‘this too shall pass.’

Promoting personal resilience focuses on helping kids cope with life’s hurts, disappointments and challenges in the present, while building strengths for the future.

Daily lessons in resilience are everywhere. You just need to be ready to make the most of these valuable lessons when they come your way.

Michael Grose, Parenting Ideas 2019

NSW State Election

As you’d be aware, we have the NSW State Election being held on Saturday, 23rd March. Of relevance for parents whose child attends a Catholic school, and so that you can be well informed on matters, we will endeavour to provide the odd ‘mythbuster’ – like the one below!

“Non-government schools should receive no public funding because it deprives government schools of much-needed funds.”

This is a common but incorrect claim because public funding for the government school sector has never been cut; in fact, it has always increased every year - at least in line with enrolments and indexation - since government funding was extended to all school sectors.

All students – regardless of sector - are funded according to the same measure, the Schooling Resource Standard (SRS). The SRS provides a base amount of funding for each student, then adds extra dollars for various types of disadvantage.

In government schools, the SRS is solely funded by taxpayers.

In non-government schools, however, taxpayers only pay part of the SRS because parents are expected to fund the difference (according to a means test).

Reports of ‘cuts’ to public school funding have to be read with caution; usually, they are referring to future commitments given by one party that are not being honoured by the party now in government.

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Canteen News

Term 1 Roster



Mar 15

Lucy Robinson
Alissa Healy

Mar 22

Ann McDermott
Niquita Gaudry

Happy Birthday Wishes!

Sienna Shepherd turns 7; Robert Duke, Yasmin Gaudry-Cabaleiro and Caitlin Watters all turn 9; Jett Bliss turns 10 and Lucas Lyon turns 12.

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