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22 March 2019

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Principal’s Report

Wellbeing & Safety

Dear Parents,

News of what took place in Christchurch has shaken us all. As parents and teachers we often wonder how we best support our kids and respond constructively. Follow the link below for some ideas to use when the conversation comes up.

I hope you all received the news of St Joseph’s new Principal, Mrs Melissa Hunt. On behalf of all parents, students and staff we congratulate Mel on her success in the merit selection process and welcome her to this great school community.

Three weeks till our school’s Colour Explosion Fun Run planned for Friday 12 April. The kids can win great prizes through their sponsorship for the event and the P & F hope to raise funds to buy literacy resources for the school. A defibrillator purchase is also on the wish list so we are asking all families to get behind this initiative. Register now and send a request to sponsor via workmates, friends and family through email. Good luck!

Last Friday was the ninth National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence with this year's theme of Bullying. No Way! Take action every day. The peak body for parents with children in Catholic schools (Council of Catholic School Parents or CCSP) is urging parents as well as schools to take the lead in preventing bullying among young people. We all have a part to play in addressing bullying. Bullying is learned behaviour, which makes the type of behaviour that parents model for their children incredibly important. I have included an excerpt from this media release below.

Parents are reminded about the special Holy Week liturgy planned for Thursday 11 April at 10:30am. Each class will retell one of the events of Holy Week leading up to Easter. The celebration will be held in the school hall.

Our journey through Lent continues. In essence, it is a type of pilgrimage. Pilgrims usually travel long distances where there is both an external and interior journey. This time of inner reflection allows us a chance to consider how we bring about God’s kingdom here on earth. May that process be a peaceful one.

Yours sincerely,

Justin Hutchens

Quote of the Week

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens. – Carl Jung

Making Jesus RealValue of the week

Week 9 – Stewards of Creation – Be Water Wise
Week 10 – Have a positive attidude

School News

Prime Minister Award

‘ Being a steward of creation’, ‘trying your best’, ‘speaking with kindness’ and ‘ being a responsible learner’ are some of the qualities that teachers consider when awarding ‘Prime Minister’ at our weekly assembly. It is an acknowledgement of the student’s efforts and they have the privilege of wearing the badge with honour, of suggesting a focus the school can work on, award gotchas to other students at lunch time as well as earning gotchas for themselves. Congratulations to Destiny Mastop Week 8 and Ashlea Linehan Week 9.

MJR Awards

As part of our MJR system ,we acknowledge that the following student, Tye Galea has reached 100 Gotchas. Well Done!

Year 4 happenings…………

Please enjoy the following Youtube clips and see what Year 4 have been up to so far this term…

Looking through a porthole art

Year 4 Distortion Art

Year 4 W.E.S.T. explanation

After School Art Classes @ Joey’s

Last week, each student received information regarding After School Art Classes starting in Term 2 being offered by parent, Mrs Ann McDermott. Please see Mary if you would like a copy or download the following.

School Calendar of events

Week 9

Mon Mar 25

NAPLAN practice week begins

Tues Mar 26

Dio Winter Sports trials

Wed Mar 27

Year 6 excursion to Sydney begins

Thur Mar 28

Year 6 excursion

Fri Mar 29

Year 6 excursion returns

Week 10

Tues April 2

Parent-Teacher interviews

Wed April 3

Parent-Teacher interviews

Fri Mar 21

School Cross country carnival


Week 11

Thur April 11

Holy Week liturgy 10:30am

Fri April 12

Colour Run

Term 1 closes for students

Parents & Friends Association

Parents & Friends Association:

Our next meeting is on Monday 20 May 2019 at 5:00pm.

Everyone knows that a good school is supported by a strong, vibrant, engaged parent body. Please think about joining our P & F so that you can make a real difference to the educational experiences we can provide for our students.

Be involved - be active - support your school!

School Colour Fun Run Friday 12 April 2019

Only 3 more weeks till our school’s Run4Fun Colour Explosion which promises to be a whole-lot-of-fun for kids and parents!

We know that it will be a great way for the P & F to raise funds for to support our school. Your child can register online and fundraise to earn great prizes and incentives. If families have any problems registering please contact Anna Macmillan or Elise Prosser.

The event involves the kids competing an obstacle course and activities that culminate in students running through various colour powder stations.

The P & F will be operating a Slushie machine to tired students as a reward at the end!

Please be aware of safety information and recommendations regarding students coming to school in old clothing. Of course it is all about getting a great photo of your child at the end so wear a white T-shirt to really show-off the effect. We look forward to a fun day of activity and colour to finish the term.

Cross Country Carnival

Our school’s Cross Country Carnival is to be held at Wingham Central Park on Friday 5 April. The event involves students from Year 2 - 6 and is run in age groups for both boys and girls. Cross-country running teaches kids a lot about self-discipline and how to challenge themselves. My thanks to Mark Knoke for coordinating. I’m sure that there will be many ‘personal bests’ to talk of on the day.

The Cross Country will begin at 9:30am and students will return to school for lunch. The age categories and distances are as follows:

8, 9 and 10 Years Boys and Girls: 2km
11, 12 and 13 Years Boys and Girls: 3km

The children will need to wear their full sports uniform (Infants may also wear sport uniform). Importantly, they will also need their school hat and drink plenty of water before running. Asthma sufferers should ensure that they have their Ventolin puffer with them on the day.

Students who place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each age group and will progress to the Diocesan Cross Country carnival on Tuesday 7 May 2019 at Maitland Walka Water Works.

Winter Uniform Orders:

I know it seems strange to think about this while the weather is still so warm and humid but the time is sure to go quickly. Parents needing new uniform items can download an order form from the school website or pick one up from the school office. Orders are best place before 5 April to ensure we have stock. Students begin wearing the winter uniform Week 3 Term 2.


As you are no doubt aware, ANZAC Day March Thursday April 25 falls within the second week of the school holidays this year. We would like to encourage as many students as possible to still come and participate in the March with their school. The students are asked to assemble outside the church this year at 8:45 am.


Working With Children Check clearances Thank you to those parents who have provided the WWCC to the school. If you wish to volunteer at the school, you must provide the school with your WWCC and show photo ID. Once the CSO has cleared you (generally 5 days) you will be able to volunteer at school. WWCC can be applied for at the Volunteers or contractors are not able to work within the school until the school receives a clearance.

Parents urged to take the lead in preventing bullying among young people

Parents are faced with a myriad of concerns when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of their children; but often near the top of the list is bullying – both online and face-to-face. On this National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (15 March) the Council of Catholic School Parents (CCSP) Executive Director, Peter Grace, says that:

“Bullying is an area of great concern for many parents, and understandably so. Any parent of a child that has been bullied knows how distressing it is, not only for the child, but for the whole family.

“To help prevent bullying, Catholic schools have their own bullying prevention strategies in place and it is critical that parents actively engage in and support these strategies. Schools also have policies and processes in place to manage reported bullying behaviour so that it is addressed as early as possible.

“At home, children are watching and learning from the adults in their lives, so we must be conscious of the examples we set for them. Do our thoughts, words and actions build up or tear down the dignity of others?

“The 2019 National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence theme is Bullying. No Way! Take action every day. By setting good examples and reinforcing positive behaviour on a daily basis, parents and carers are helping to prevent bullying among children and young people.

“So, today let’s pause for a minute and consider how we manage conflict in our own lives, how we respond when things don’t go according to plan and how we engage with people on social media. Do we speak up to challenge behaviour we know is not right?” Mr Grace said.

CCSP says that to help prevent cyberbullying, parents should monitor their children’s use of electronic devices and educate their children about cyber safety and being socially responsible users of technology.

“Cyber safety education is not something that schools are solely responsible for. Many children are using devices at home and parents have a responsibility to establish rules, guidelines and expectations around their children’s use of technology. Encourage device free time, monitor your child’s social media and online activity, ensure you support your school’s policy on the use of mobile devices and explore the Office of the eSafety Commissioner’s website for information on cyber safety.

“The Catholic tradition teaches that parents are the first educators of their children. We, as parents, are their role models. As they grow, our children are also influenced by other sources such as television, movies, games, friends and social media. Again, it is important that we, as parents, are aware of what our children are being exposed to, that we talk about the type of behaviour we expect from them, as well as the impact that negative behaviours have on others. As parents, we might also like to reflect on our own use of digital devices and social media and the examples we are setting for our children,” Mr Grace said.

Parents can access a range of useful resources on bullying including:

Parent Reflection: Tips for home reading

We hope that every student spends some time with a book reading at home each night. Let’s make it a goal to ensure every child falls in love with reading! We hope you find the information useful.

Some useful tips for home:

  • Establish a home reading routine.
  • Read aloud with your children everyday. Ten minutes for each child around a book of his/her choice. If English is your second language, read in your home language. If you lack confidence in reading aloud, the fact that you are reading with your child is what matters. Talk about the illustrations and contribute where you can. Share your excitement for reading and this will be the model your child will adopt.
  • The reader holds the book! There is a lot of power and control in the world of reading. The reader needs to have the power.
  • During home reading time, turn off electronic devices and give each child ten minutes of your undivided attention.
  • Before you read a book, set your child up for success. Reading is not a test!
  • If reading time is stressful, move the reading to a new location. Instead of sitting at the kitchen bench, move to the lounge room floor, or go outside and sit under a tree or take the books to the local coffee shop.
  • Find a reading time that works for your family. Limit the time and set the timer if reading in the past has always been difficult. It is better to have an enjoyable 10 minutes than a laborious 30 minutes!
  • At the end of the 10 minutes, ask questions that encourage discussion, for example: What was your favourite part? Tell me about the characters. What do you think will happen next? What did you think about that setting? What do you like/ dislike about this book? There is no need to interrogate the reader. Make it a conversation.
  • Encourage your child to read independently. A bedside light is one of the best enticements for your child to read before going to sleep. After the 10 minutes of reading with you, your child can elect to continue reading independently.
  • The less you interrupt the 10 minutes of reading, the more you are supporting the reader’s independence, resilience and confidence. Zip your lips, monitor the miscues, and listen as your child reads.
  • Model what it means to be an enthusiastic reader. Create a home of readers where everyone reads – It is just what we do in this house! Talk about what you have read. Read aloud what makes you laugh and share it with your child!
  • Give positive feedback about the strategies your child uses when reading such as: ‘I like how you read on when you came to that difficult word.’ ‘I like how you changed your voice to be the voice of the character in the story’. ‘I noticed that you reread the bit that did not make sense.’
  • If you child is reading independently and has reached the level of chapter books, it is not necessary for you to read aloud together any more. Your job is done. That is not to say, you cannot continue to share reading time because it is what you love to do as a family or that you sit and read silently together or that you talk about the books your child is reading because you are interested in his reading choices. Readers read differently in their heads as compared to reading aloud.
  • Visit the local library — make it a family ritual on a set day every week. Let your children select their books while you select books you are interested in reading. Not every book has to be read cover to cover. Your child might select books based on illustrations or factual information about a topic of interest.

(Adapted from PETA)

Canteen News

Term 1 Roster



Mar 29


April 5

Narelle Barry

Michael Healy

April 12

Lucy Robinson

Alissa Healy

Happy Birthday Wishes!

Matilda Robinson turns 5; Nicholas Blanco, Indianna Macmillan and Winmalee Hollis all turn 10.

Community News

Tuesday 23rd July 2019


Venue: Manning Valley Visitor Information Centre, 21 Manning River Drive, Taree
Time: 9:00am – 2:45pm (Registration from 8.30am)
Cost: This workshop is free

Morning tea and lunch will be provided. Please notify if you have any dietary requirements when you register for this event.

RSVP: Registration is essential as places are limited.