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1 November 2019

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Principal’s Report

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that you have not been too affected by the fires over the past two weeks. We are so blessed to have so many firefighters that have given up their time to keep us all safe. The smoke has been an issue at school and we have put procedures in place to move children inside for play if the smoke is too thick. It is a timely reminder that if you haven’t updated your child’s asthma plan with their doctor recently, it is worth doing.

On Wednesday Eleanor Healy, Adam Rees, Charlotte Barry and Celeste McDermott attended the Regional Public Speaking Finals in Gloucester. Eleanor came runners up in Early Stage 1, Adam did not place but did a wonderful job in Stage 1, Charlotte came first in Stage 2 and Celeste came first in Stage 3. Congratulations to all of them on their achievements. Good luck to Eleanor, Charlotte and Celeste in the Diocesan Finals in November.

Last Friday we welcomed our Kinder 2020 students and their families to our school with a liturgy and parent morning tea. The Kinder students met their buddies and had a lovely time getting to know Miss Rego and spending some time in the Kinder classroom. Today our full day Earlybird Program begins and we look forward to seeing our new Kinder students for the next four Fridays.

Thank you to those people who have been able to offer support and help for our upcoming fete. If you haven’t had a chance to return your note for this, I encourage you to consider giving just a small amount of time to help this great event run by our P&F.

I hope you will join me in a prayer for good rain over the next few weeks.

God Bless

Making Jesus RealValues of the week

Week 3 – Be Stewards of Creation by packing nude food
Week 4 – Be a bucket filler

School News

Prime Minister Award

‘ Being a steward of creation’, ‘trying your best’, ‘speaking with kindness’ and ‘ being a responsible learner’ are some of the qualities that teachers consider when awarding ‘Prime Minister’ at our weekly assembly. It is an acknowledgement of the student’s efforts and they have the privilege of wearing the badge with honour, of suggesting a focus the school can work on, award gotchas to other students at lunch time as well as earning gotchas for themselves. Congratulations to Rory Byrne (Week 3).

MJR Awards

As part of our MJR system ,we acknowledge that the following students, Emilia Wallace has reached 200 Gotchas, Charlotte Barry has reached 300 Gotchas and Willow Doherty has reached 400 Gotchas! Well Done.

Kinder Orientation Day

It was wonderful to meet our new Kindergarten class for 2020 last Friday at the Orientation morning. Mrs Hunt and Mr Buchtmann organised a special welcoming liturgy and a beautiful song was sung by Kindergarten for the new students and their parents. The Kinders were then introduced to their buddies and taken into the Kinder classroom for a fun activity giving parents the opportunity to meet one another over a cuppa and discuss school procedures.

New PD/H/PE Syllabus Implementation

Implementation of the new PD/H/PE Syllabus will commence in Term 1 2020. The document is grounded firmly in research and the changes to course content reflect current and emerging health issues and trends in society. As you read through the Syllabus Stage Statements from Early Stage 1 to Stage 3, you will notice the same themes (strands) that become broader as students progress, that the content is aligned vertically and that there is a clear progression throughout Kindergarten to Grade Six. St. Joseph’s School Staff will be further unpacking the content of the new document in Term 4.

The document is freely accessible via the NESA website at the link below:

Shae Lapi-an
Assistant Principal

What’s happening in Year 1

Year one had a wonderful time performing ‘Peter Rabbit’ at the end of term three for JAFA. They are very proud of everything they achieved. The class has had a great start to their final term in Year 1! Here’s what they had to say;

Oliver B: I have enjoyed hand writing, spelling and reading.
Shaneden: I have enjoyed playing maths games. My favourite is buzz.
Denny: I have enjoyed learning every day.
Maycie: I have enjoyed playing in the sand pit and listening to the Tree House books.
Max: I have enjoyed maths, especially friends of ten.
Harry: I enjoyed Whizzy the Water Drop visiting us at school.
Logan: I have enjoyed learning in Science.
Mollie: I have enjoyed doing lots of work.
Jesse: I have enjoyed playing with my best friends.
Riley: I have enjoyed our handwriting lessons.
Zeke: I have enjoyed my new school and my new teacher.
Adam: I have enjoyed recess and lunch. I like to play handball.
Oliver S: I have enjoyed spelling. It is fun.
Sienna: I have enjoyed playing with my friends.
Monique: I enjoy when we lay down and watch number jacks.
Daniel: I enjoyed watching Whizzy because he was funny.
Breanna: I have enjoyed playing hangman.
Ayvah: I have enjoyed using the laptops to type our sentences.
Shianne: I enjoyed reading ‘Jake Kicks a Goal’ in class.
Tyceon: I enjoyed playing ‘Scoot’ in maths class.

School Uniform

Uniform: Thank you for your continued support in ensuring our students are dressed in full school uniform each day. Our clothing pool continues to be a great way to assist families, and donations of pre-loved uniform items are always very much appreciated. This includes any gently used school shoes and socks. For assistance with uniform items please contact the school office and we will gladly help.

School Calendar of Events

Week 4

Thurs 7 Nov

Year 6 fundraiser – Popcorn Day

Fri 8 Nov

Early Bird Session – 9 - 3

Week 5

Mon 11 Nov

Remembrance Day Liturgy – 11am

P&F Meeting 5:15pm

Fri 15 Nov

Early Bird Session – 9-3

Week 6

Wed 20 Nov

Year 6 fundraiser – Snowcone Day

Fri 22 Nov

Early Bird Session – 9-3

Sun 24 Nov

P&F Fete

Week 8

Tues 3 Dec

Wingham High Orientation Day – Yr 7 2020

Year 6 Graduation

Parents & Friends Association

Parents & Friends Association:
Our next meeting will be Monday 11 November at 5:15pm

Canteen News

Term 3 Roster




Nov 4

Sue Owens/Garleen WIlmen


Nov 11

Candy Pattison/Peter Macmillan

Happy Birthday Wishes!

Eleanor Healy, Asta Van Vliet and Charlotte Hughan turn 6; Mollie Harris and Barry Oliver turn 7; Shaneden Clarke and Lilly Mateer turn 8; Jake Guppy and Arabella Roohan turn 11; Lisa Fresen and Hunter Barbour turn 12.

Community News