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22 November 2019

Newsletter Articles

Principal’s Report

When I take time to reflect on the past few weeks, it is very difficult to put into words the emotion I feel. So many of our families and staff have been affected by fires in some way. The strength of our community in such difficult conditions is something that we are so blessed to experience. To know that there are people around you to support you in any small way they can is re-assuring.

Our students have shown their community spirit today by raising an amazing $500.00 for our community and they are truly showing that they can Make Jesus Real in the lives of others through their generosity.

I would like to thank you all for your support during the closure of the school last week, and I know that it may have been an inconvenence at times, but it was so important that we put the safety of our students and staff first.

If you have experienced any hardship or loss during the fires, please don’t hesitate to contact me so that we can help you.

Fete Postponed

Our P&F have had to make the difficult decision to postpone the fete this weekend. The fires have made it extremely difficult to ensure we have enough volunteers to run the day successfully and the P&F also don’t want to create an extra burden for families asking for donations at the moment. We look forward to our fete next year and will keep you updated on the new details early next year.

Last week was Remembrance Day. As a school, this is an important day for us to recognise and Year 3 with Mr Knoke presented a very respectful Liturgy on Monday to allow us to acknowledge and pay our respects to those in the armed forces who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Lest We Forget.

I hope you will join me in a prayer for good rain over the next weeks and continue to pray for rain for those in our community who have been affect by fires.

God Bless

Making Jesus RealValues of the week

Week 6 – Be Stewards of Creation by Recycling soft plastic
Week 7 – Use gentle hands and feet

School News

Prime Minister Award

‘ Being a steward of creation’, ‘trying your best’, ‘speaking with kindness’ and ‘ being a responsible learner’ are some of the qualities that teachers consider when awarding ‘Prime Minister’ at our weekly assembly. It is an acknowledgement of the student’s efforts and they have the privilege of wearing the badge with honour, of suggesting a focus the school can work on, award gotchas to other students at lunch time as well as earning gotchas for themselves. Congratulations to Ava Doherty (Week 4) and Jet Saunders (Week 6).

MJR Awards

As part of our MJR system ,we acknowledge that the following students, William Robinson, Shamayah Bliss and Harry Macmillan have reached 200 Gotchas, Tahzrea Sheather and Angus Abbott have reached 300 Gotchas. Well Done.

Thank you from Wallaby Joe to Year 4 Class!

Mr Wickham and the Year 4 class wrote thank you notes for Wingham RFS. Here is their show of appreciation.

Outdoor Learning Day

Outdoor Classroom Day is a campaign to celebrate and inspire play and learning outside the classroom. By getting involved, we joined a worldwide movement of schools supporting outdoor learning and setting an example to others that outdoor play matters. The campaign started in London, England and has gone global.

School Camp payment reminder

Thank you for returning your permission notes to school for School Camp. Just a reminder that payment of $125.00 is due by Friday 6th December.

What’s happening in Year 2

This term in creative arts Year 2 are studying photography. We have been looking at different aspects of photography and comparing and contrasting different subjects for photography such as portraits, landscapes and action shots.

The following portraits were all taken by Year 2 students. Students had to consider the background for their portrait, the angle of their portrait and the depth of their portrait. We then compared our own photos to those taken earlier in the year for our school photos.

School Uniform

Uniform: Thank you for your continued support in ensuring our students are dressed in full school uniform each day. Our clothing pool continues to be a great way to assist families, and donations of pre-loved uniform items are always very much appreciated. This includes any gently used school shoes and socks. For assistance with uniform items please contact the school office and we will gladly help.

School Calendar of Events

Week 7

Tues 26 Nov

Dio Public Speaking Competition – Newcastle

Fri 29 Nov

Early Bird Session – 9-3

Week 8

Tues 3 Dec

Wingham High Orientation Day – Yr 7 2020

Year 6 Graduation – 6pm

Week 9

Tues 10 Dec

Awards Presentation and Advent Liturgy

Wed 11 Dec

2020 Swimming Carnival

Canteen News

Term 3 Roster




Nov 25

Candy Pattison/Peter Macmillan


Dec 2

Sue Owens/Garleen WIlmen

Happy Birthday Wishes!

Adam Rees turns 8; Ava Doherty turns 10; Angus Abbott, Bailey Wilmen, Dakota Thorburn and Rani Bushell turn 11; Lisa Fresen, Hunter Barbour turn 12 and Jason Blanco turns 13.

Community News


On the 4th of December 2019, the parents of students entering St Clare’s in 2020 are invited to an informative presentation that will help with transitioning your child into High School. This session will be led by St Clare’s school counsellor Rebecca Jamison and Student Support Officer from the Catholic Schools Office Mrs Judy Mullen.

This session aims to provide parents with information regarding some of the changes and challenges that children can experience when starting high school. Practical strategies are reviewed to assist parents with supporting their child manage change and adjust to high school life as well as information regarding school supports and what to do if difficulties or concerns arise.

There will be an option of three time slots to choose from on the day:

9 am -10am, 2.30 – 3.30 pm and 4.30- 5.30 pm

If you did not receive a letter in regards to this you can rsvp to Bernadette Boere by email or let the front office staff know at St Clare’s.