Uniform Guide

Our school’s uniform, when worn properly, makes a strong visual impact and a positive statement about our school’s values. We believe it also contributes to establishing a sense of unity, engendering pride and, of course, distinguishing us as a school community. Children are encouraged to take pride in their appearance and to dress in the correct uniform at all times.

Please familiarise yourself with the following information regarding our uniform policy:

  • Order forms are called for each semester to coincide with the changeover of uniform for summer and winter.
  • The school sells all uniform items except shoes i.e. girl’s tunics, dresses, shorts, shirts, polo shirts, school jumpers, jackets, track suits, trousers, hats and socks.
  • The uniform policy states that students must wear black leather, traditional or boot style school shoes that can be polished. Suede or canvas shoes are not acceptable. Sports shoes are to be worn on sport days only. 
  • Students are encouraged to take responsibility for keeping their uniform neat, clean and tidy e.g. polish shoes.
  • No nail polish or hair colouring is permitted.
  • Hair is to be neat and well groomed. Extremes hair styles are not acceptable. Long hair must be secured back from the face for safety and  hygiene with navy hair bands and/or ribbons.
  • For students with pierced ears, only gold/silver plain studs or small sleepers are permitted. WHS guidelines prohibit the wearing of other forms of jewelry.
  • Clothing and belongings should be clearly labelled.
  • Wearing of the school hat is compulsory.
  • Parents are asked to provide a note of explanation should their child be unable to wear part of the uniform for any reason.

Ordering uniform items:
Manual order forms can be accessed in the Download Centre Centre of our website or completing our online order forms Summer Uniform Order Form or Winter Uniform Order Form and manual forms are to be returned to school along with payment.

In conjunction with the school, the P&F Association operates a school uniform shop which provides parents with all garments at reasonable cost. We ask parents for their support in helping to maintain the high standard we have achieved by purchasing all your child’s uniform items from the uniform shop only.

Read our latest, official and full School Uniform Policy.