We love to see our students achieve and seek to recognise and reward deserving students.

Our Merit Awards System provides motivation and encouragement as well as providing clear evidence of achievement. The system is flexible and rewards effort and achievement within the classroom and the wider school.

Merit awards are issued at the teacher’s discretion for any student who has achieved in any area e.g. cooperation, effort, service, application, bookwork, academic excellence, sporting excellence and ‘personal bests’. This is a reward for effort beyond that which students normally achieve.

Weekly assemblies are generally held each Friday at 1.20pm and are organised by the Year 6 Leaders.  Students will receive awards in categories: Student of the Week, Making Jesus Real and Class Merit. The following will also be awarded:

PBS – trophies to recognise positive individual class behaviour.

Prime Minister – To recognise citizenship on a weekly basis, awarded to one student.

PBS – Students receive awards for milestones up to 50 and for every 50 after that.

Students receive milestone badges and Principal’s awards for each 100 – up to 500. After they reach 500 they will return to zero.

Each term a student is awarded the Mary Mackillop Award which recognises a student who has gone above and beyond in their service to others. This aligns with Mary Mackillop’s motto of ‘Never seeing a need without doing something about it’.

At our annual award ceremony in December the following awards will be presented Growth in Unity, Excellence in English, Excellence in Maths, Making Jesus Real, Library, Sports and  Mary MacKillop.  Year 6 awards include CWA Educational, Touchstone, Sisters of St Joseph’s Educational Award, Religious Literacy and Newcastle Permanent Maths Awards.