The Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) system is about building positive relationships and managing behaviour. The purpose of the PBS approach is to promote and maintain a safe, respectful and orderly learning environment for students and staff and to provide all students with an opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and values to continue their education and to be citizens who contribute positively to the community.

The PBS framework provides a way for clear understandings and agreed positions, concerning behaviour and relationships to be established within the school community. The school’s motto “Growth in Unity” invites us as a community to work towards peace, unity and harmony.

St Joseph’s has developed four basic rules to protect the rights of every member of our school and to encourage responsibility.

  • I am Safe
  • I am Respectful
  • I am a Learner
  • I am a Steward of Creation

Our rules are based on the foundation of respect. We want our students to develop the quality of respect; a genuine respect for themselves, for others and for the environment.

PBS seeks to build, promote and utilise a united approach to supporting student behaviour. We want clear expectations, trusting relationships, positive communication and an emphasis on preventative measures and restorative practice within our school community. We understand that to achieve this we will need to continue to work together.

PBS is based on a whole-school agreement that has engaged students, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff and CSO personnel. Class teachers play a crucial role in the PBS process. The process relies on a proactive approach of teaching, modelling and rewarding appropriate behaviour.

The school expectations are visible in the school grounds and are displayed in the assembly area and outside classroom blocks. School expectations are also visible in each classroom. These expectations provide the framework for desirable behaviour in our school. They protect rights and invoke responsibilities. Expectations will always need to be taught, supported and encouraged. 

Reward Day will be held weekly and students will redeem rewards from the reward chart based on their individual tally of ‘Gotchas’. A class award trophy for Positive Behaviour is also awarded at the weekly assembly. Students contribute to the development of the rewards chart giving them ownership over the rewards.