Summer Uniform

In conjunction with the school, the P&F Association operates a school uniform shop which provides parents with all garments at reasonable cost. We ask parents for their support in helping to maintain the high standard we have achieved by purchasing all your child’s uniform items from the uniform shop only.

Cheque payments are made c/o St Joseph’s P&F Association or in person at the school administration office.


Dress - Blue Check

Price: $45

Shirt - Blue Check

Price: $30

Girls Tailored Shorts - Navy (LWR)

Price: $20

Socks - Anklets White (Midford)

Price: $6

Socks - Anklet White (adult sizes)

Price: $6


Shirt - S/S Classic School Blue (Midford)

Price: $22

Shorts - Grey Basic (Midford)

Price: $20

Socks - Anklets Grey

Price: $6

Socks - Anklet Grey (adult sizes)

Price: $6